Upload guide


Upload two files for each vector illustration:

  1. EPS 8 (or EPS 10) up to 10Mb
  2. JPG preview, minimal size - 400x400 px., maximum size 6000x6000 px., up to 10Mb

Prepare your files

Convert all text objects to outlines, close all open paths and delete all invisible objects and objects outside workspace.

Note for EPSĀ 8 format: your vector file must not contain bitmaps and effects, that not supported by EPS 8 format (transparency, shadows, glows, bevels and embosses, etc.).

Save your artwork as an EPS 8 (or EPS 10) - Adobe Illustrator 8-compatible format (in dialog window "EPS Options" select for "Version" - "Illustrator 8 EPS", for "Preview Format" - "None").

Files requirements

Each vector file you upload must have RGB JPEG preview of your illustration. Minimal size - 400x400 px., maximum is 6000x6000 px., up to 10Mb.

Upload both files (EPS and JPG) together.

Don't upload traced images without strong additional improvement.

We accept images only from authors. Upload only the ones you`ve created.