Standard license agreement

The buyer has the ability to select and apply Standard or Extended license in the process of downloading the information from the Site. The Clauses and conditions that are valid in accordance with the Extended license vary depending on the subject material and non-received permission of the Author to use them. If the Buyer did not choose to use the Extended license for the information materials or if the options for information materials required by the Purchaser were not authorized by the Author the User automatically agrees to the provisions of the Standard license.

1. Permitted types of use

In accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein the Standard license gives the User the right to use images or to create and use Permitted derivative works in one project and only for the following purposes:

  1. prints, posters and other means of reproduction for their own use or as promotional materials, including printed materials, packaging products, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, catalogs, brochures, greeting and simple cards (assuming that they are not intended for resale, licensing or distribution in any other way);
  2. use as printed materials, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, newsletters and videos, television programs and theatrical posters;
  3. electronic on-line publications, including web pages (but only on condition that the size of such images is limited to 1024 x 768 pixels), and
  4. any other uses with written permission of RFclipart.

Standard license does not allow the user to use the Image in connection with any manufacture, sale or distribution of goods (for example, without limitation, printing Images on cups, photo calendars, decoration of clothes, etc.), unless such production is strictly one-time and for personal, noncommercial use. If the User intends to use the Image in more than one way each method requires a separate license.

Usage for trademarked logo - forbidden.

2. Restrictions for storage

Under the terms of the Standard license the User can store Images only in one location and transmit it to others for reproduction permitted by the Standard license. Do not give simultaneous access to the image to multiple users (for example, by placing it over the Internet or other local or public networks). If the User wants the Image to be located in several places or to give the access to it to several persons the User must upload Images from the Web site for individual use or get the Extended license for multi-use image application. Given all the other restrictions set forth in this document, the User may make one (1) copy of the Image for backup purposes.

3. Image Quality

The standard license gives the User the right to obtain Images of various sizes and formats, depending on the price paid for the image or depending on the selected size.

4. Number of copies

According to the Standard license the User cannot make more than 200,000 copies of any Image.

5. Copyright Notice

The User agrees to display the copyright notice on or near each image acquired by the Standard License and reproduced in the media (for example, in magazines and patterns), this notice must contain the following text: "The image is licensed by [author name]"