Extended license agreement

RFclipart grants non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use and to reproduce files. A user has the right to license files offered by RFclipart by payment of the appropriate fee.

Buying the Extended license, a user receives the right to use files of maximum size (in pixels or vector graphics) available from RFclipart in case of absence of any direct limitation.

You can put these files on office commodities, visit cards, stickers, other paper products, calendars, mugs, posters, mouse pads, clothing, toys, entertainment products, artistic works, business objects and other similar objects. You can also use an unlimited number of copies of these files in software and interfaces, website templates, screensavers, document templates, e-cards and other similar products for resale.

The right to manufacture the products mentioned above does not give any intellectual ownership rights to these files neither to users nor to persons that obtain the products, therefore resale or distribution of any file or any part of it in any vector format which imply the third-person access are forbidden.

The Extended license allows a user to manufacture the unlimited number of the products.

In case a user has some doubts whether the supposed use is permitted under the terms of any license, please contact RFclipart to receive all necessary explanations before the use of this file.

RFclipart reserves a right to change the terms of this license any time with obligatory notification of users.

Usage for trademarked logo - forbidden.