The Most Popular Free Images on RFclipart – Part 1

Image by maryvalery.

As usual, we keep tabs on our bestselling images; yet last year we also enabled the possibility to upload and share images freely – and that gave birth to the whole new section – the most popular free images, which we are proud to present!

In total, there are 22 entries, but we didn’t want to overload a single post with so much information, so it was decided to split it in two. And so, here we bring you the first ten.

Disco dancer free vector

Disco! The era of disco music left its mark in more than one heart; but this is not the only reason why this image is so popular – the guy has his hand raised and pointing with his forefinger at something – can be quite useful as a highlight mechanism in a presentation or a website, instead of all those dull arrows.

Uncle Sam Top hat, free vector image

The top hat – as per image name, belonging to Uncle Sam – a classic symbol of the United States. Signifying class and elegance, the top hat with the added national colors will surely find use in numerous political and social activities.

Rainbow palette wheel, download free vector

Symmetric and stylized color wheels have limited usability with color theory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty. This particular one will surely add a bit of color to any project, whatever it may be.

Bunch of grapes with leaves, 567, download free vector image

These are grapes, though the color choice could pass for olives easily, if it weren’t for distinctly ‘grapish’ leaf shape and image description. The picture can have a million uses, such as a symbol for fruits, wine or even as a generic agrarian icon.

Red Rosette with ribbon, 621, download free vector image

If you require an image symbolizing an award, or you simply want to stress how rewarding the milestones of your plan can be, look no further. Notice the volume created by a clever use of shadow.

Icon of Camera and photo frame, 76487, download free vector image

Photography is always a popular activity, but don’t be put out by this image – the camera may simply mean another camera app for your phone, and distinctly-shaped Polariod photos look even more symbolic these days.

Sleeping fish in round aquarium, 67786, download free vector image

A cute green fish sleeping in its aquarium. In fact, fishes sleep with their eyes open – they don’t have eyelids which they can shut; but it still looks nice, could be useful for example in a pet shop.

Cute lizard eats apple, 67790, download free vector image

A surprising entry in our parade – it is a comic-like lizard eating an apple. But what sets it apart from the rest of the images is its style – which looks a lot like a pencil drawing. A lot of websites exist, which value this style above all else – most notably, writing contests and sketchbook like anthologies.

Seamless pattern with gears, 66004, download free vector image

Gears have long been a symbol of technology and machinery – an idea of progress, if you will. And this is not just the background with gears – look closely and you will see, that the top easily connects with the bottom, same as the right side connecting with the left side seamlessly – making it a texture, perfect for industrial or steampunk themes.

Old blue phone icon, 72111, download free vector image

Such phones are becoming a thing of the past – but images of it do not. Same as with floppy drives, which are now a symbolic icon of file saving and backup, the image of disc phone would look natural next to corporate Skype account or hotline, or any website’s section labeled 'contacts'.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for the part two!

We wish you a great day,
RFclipart Team

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