Five Free Christmas Images for your designs

Image by kiyanochka.

The Christmas holidays are at our doorstep, so the wintry and festive pictures are rising in popularity along with the general mood of the people. Whether you’re still hard at work, or took anearly vacation, the season still enforces its reality all around, and Internet is no exception.

Knitting decoration in scandinavian style - snowflake pattern, Free Vector Clip Art


Whether you’re decorating your house with paper snowflakes or your website with digital ones, one thing is true – snowflake pictures are definitely a hit of the season!


Face of santa claus, Free Vector Clip Art


No matter if you’re a kid or an adult – we all know the real face of the winter holidays. Have you been naughty or nice?


Christmas greeting card with festive frame, Free Vector Clip Art


And of course, the greeting cards! Don't forget to send one to your relatives, friends, coworkers and even business partners – try to find a few kind words to say; but never forget – a personal approach is always better than all those generic congratulatory words.


Christmas ball icons - ornate decorations, Free Vector Clip Art


What is better than decorating a Christmas tree? Right, arguing with someone about the way it should be done! And while someone may want to put everything possible on a tree, others think that a few smartly placed decorations look way better. No matter how your Christmas tree ends up looking, the process of decorating it is an important part of holiday routine.


Rocket for fireworks, Free Vector Clip Art

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