Popular Non-Free Illustrator Plugins

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We continue to browse existing Illustrator plugins; this time we take a look at those, which require additional funds to use. The free ones offered mostly compatibility features or were meant for simplifying the work which the bare-bones Illustrator could do as well. Let's hope their costly competitors are able to do more!


Plugin: VectorScribe v3

Description: Marketed as the 'Swiss army knife' among Illustrator plugins, it adds a number of useful tools to Illustrator functionality – specific sets to work with points (adding, moving and removing them in numerous ways), paths, handles, corners, shapes and measurements. With the wide range of its tools usefulness, it deserves a separate article of its own.

  • Developed by: Astute Graphics
  • Price: £69.00
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Download link: astutegraphics.com


Plugin: Gold Rush

Description: A plugin meant for giving metallic appearance to shapes and objects, with effects available in 218 swatches as well 35 brushed elements. These are of very high resolution and recolorable too, including glitter, foil and sparkle effects, as well as painted metals. Metals themselves include gold, rose gold, silver and copper.

Adobe Illustrator plugin Gold Rush

  • Developed by: Studio Denmark
  • Price: $21.60
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Download link: creativemarket.com


Plugin name: Collider Scribe v2

Description: Offers five new tools: 'Space Fill', 'Rotate to Collision', 'Snap to Collisions', 'Rotate at Collision', 'Offset function'. 'Space Fill' allows you to fill single or multiple shapes with a selected set of objects randomly, with various distribution properties; 'Rotate to Collision' allows to rotate an object or shape from a chosen point to collide with selected objects and paths; 'Snap to Collisions Tool' permits you to place objects at a set and precise mosaic distance from one another; 'Rotate at Collision Tool' allows you to move the selected object along the paths of another object, rotating the first object in relation to its position compared to the center of object it is colliding with; and final one, 'Offset function' is largely the same as 'Snap to Collisions', except it allows you to place objects randomly at a set distance from one another.

  • Developed by: Astute Graphics
  • Price: £25.00
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Download link: astutegraphics.com


Plugin name: Magic Exporter

Description: A Mac OS Illustrator plugin meant to simplify the process of saving only selected objects as PNG images. The plugin is configurable, and capable of exporting same object in multiple image sizes (as separate files, even in separate subfolders), scaled according to set rules.

  • Developed by: Jérémy Marchand (KODLIAN.com)
  • Price: €25.00
  • Free trial: Available
  • Download link: kodlian.com


Plugin name: SymmetryWorks 6

Description: A plugin for making repeating patterns in Illustrator. Linking the whole pattern to just a handful of 'generating' elements, it all but automates the creation process for new patterns and textures. Instantly edit whole pattern, adjust symmetry, rotate elements and more – Live Presets plugin enables you to export the pattern at once as a swatch, as well as to apply the changes in the pattern immediately to the objects the swatch was applied to. Or even more – you can create patterns inside other patterns…

  • Developed by: Artlandia, Inc
  • Price: ranges from $249.00 to $890.00, depending on package
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Download link: artlandia.com

That's it for now, stay with us for more thematic post!

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