Our Best Selling Vector Images of 2016

Image by pashabo.

With 2016 behind us now, it’s not a bad idea to take a look back – and our project (as well as our contributors) has come a long way since then. It is understandable, that measuring success is a tricky business, so we simply decided to provide a small overview of the best selling vector images over the course of the year 2016.

Of course, the whole world had been watching the United States presidential election with interest, and it explains a number of best selling images in US national colors and patterns, examples are given below.




Other than that, there were of course a number of amazing greeting cards, as the 2016 was a year of Red Monkey according to Chinese calendar (examples below).




Surprisingly enough, the absolute winner – the best selling picture, that is – was a round floral mandala; also of note were other floral and tree patterns in the best selling list, which were certainly quite popular in the past year.


Backgrounds drew only moderate interest, although the gold glitter backgrounds with transparency were immensely successful.




However, these are just a select few examples – as there are many other vector images in the top 40 best selling ones, available here: https://rfclipart.com/popular/year.html

Stay with us for more news, updates and announcements!

All the best,
RFclipart Team

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